Partners of the Crisis Pregnancy Center

Crisis Pregnancy Center partners with other organizations governed by similar ethical principles in Latvia, Europe and other parts of the world.

Crisis Pregnancy Center has developed successful collaboration with a number of government and municipal institutions, businesses, non-government and other organizations. Here are some of our partners in Latvia: Organization “Association Family” (member), Ministry of Health Committee of the Health of Mother and Child (member), Government Health Promotion Agency, Hope for Children Latvia, Latvian Children’s Fund, Pro Life, Mission for Life, True Love Waits, Red Cross.  

Crisis Pregnancy Center also partners with CARE Confidential (UK) that is a subdivision of the international charitable organization CARE. CARE Confidential volunteers staff the national pregnancy crisis telephone helpline in the UK. Crisis Pregnancy Center of Latvia has become a member of the Association of European Crisis Centers along with CARE Confidential and other crisis pregnancy centers from the former Soviet Union republics. There are currently about 160 crisis centers in the UK. Similar centers have been formed in Budapest (Hungary), Cyprus, Rumania, Tartu (Estonia), Ukraine, St. Petersburg (Russia) and many other countries.