Assistance in crisis pregnancy situations
                                         Avoid uninformed and rash decisions. Schedule a free consultation!

If you are pregnant and are experiencing psychological problems, if you are feeling rejected, abandoned and not understood, if you think that no one needs the baby you are expecting, if you are afraid, uncertain and would like to talk to someone about your feelings, we will try to offer you support and, if necessary, will walk alongside you during your entire pregnancy, as well as will provide you with support after the birth of your baby. If you, expectant parents (mom and dad), are having disagreements caused by the pregnancy or baby who is on the way, both of you will receive a warm welcome at the Crisis Pregnancy Center.

If you have financial difficulties, have problems with housing or other social issues, our social worker will, taking into account our limitations and our authority, provide you with any assistance available to us, involving other resources of assistance as well.

If your pregnancy is unplanned or for some other reason seems undesirable, and you are faced with a difficult decision to keep the baby or to have an abortion, please don’t rush into a decision that you may bitterly regret later! We will help you to uncover the reasons for your anxiety, will provide you with the necessary information and support so that you can make a well-informed decision that’s based on seeing the complete picture.

Consultations are completely confidential.

They are available free of charge, but if you are able, we ask that you make a donation to the Crisis Pregnancy Center.

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